Treatment of IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is by no means a disease of modern life. The first case was described in 1801 and it was defined in more detail in 1968 by Jean Berger, a pioneering French nephrologist. Despite all the years of investigations in IgA Nephropathy, its treatment still represents a major challenge. Innovative and new treatment approaches are urgently needed that can be used in the early stages of IgA Nephropathy to impede the progression of the disease.

Researcher works with microscope to develop new treatments for IgA nephritis

The treatment gap

Researchers around the world are working on the development of new treatments for IgA nephritis.  Learn more about the treatment gap when it comes to this disease and the challenges faced by researchers looking for an effective form of treatment of IgAN.

Prediction of IgAN disease progression

Prediction of IgAN disease progression

Assessment of the risk of progression can help select the most effective treatment to be used for affected individuals: Learn more about how to reliably predict the risk of progression and what aids are available for this.