There is deterioration of the quality of life of those with IgAN

Without effective management of IgA Nephropathy, it can have negative effects on the emotional and psychosocial aspects of the life of those affected.1 In addition, the symptoms and the side effects of medication limit the capacity of IgA Nephropathy patients to participate in activities that are important to them, such as sport and social interaction.1

Moreover, the mortality rate of individuals with moderate to high grade IgA Nephropathy is higher by a factor of two. In a large-scale cohort study (N=665) that was conducted over a mean duration of 11.8 years (actual duration: 0.0-20.8 years), the IgA Nephropathy death rate among patients was found to be twice as high as that among the general population.2 

The progression of IgA Nephropathy can have significant negative impacts on the future plans of those affected.


of those who require haemodialysis find that this has consequences for their careers or education.3


of all those affected find that they need to completely revise their plans for the future.3

When a particular stage of renal failure is reached in which haemodialysis becomes necessary, this can have very negative consequences for the quality of life of the individual concerned.3


~ 50 %

suffer from insomnia.3


< 40 %

frequently or very frequently feel fatigued.3

decreased appetite

~ 15 %

frequently or very frequently suffer from loss of appetite.3

Problems with the sex life of patients


frequently or very frequently experience problems with their sex life.3

* *The above statistics are for haemodialysis patients who reported these symptoms occurring “frequently” or “very frequently” in a survey based on the modified KDQOL-SF 1.2 questionnaire.

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